Pest Control Services

Mention the term "going Green" and you'll notice that DC CleanEx uses an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solution against pest. IPM is a systematic approach for managing, preventing, and suppressing pests with minimal impact on human health, the environment and non-target organisms.

IPM incorporates all reasonable measures by properly identifying, monitoring, and controlling pests using physical, biological and cultural control methods to reduce pests to acceptable levels.

We communicate findings on each visit. Make recommendations using Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Utilize up to date techniques to target specific pests. Perform thorough periodic inspections.

Cleaning Services

DC CleanEx uses a combination of natural and environmentally safe products to serve the needs of our customers. We use a selection of all natural/organic cleaning solutions to remarkably make your office and residence stand out. Your home will be left looking clean and smelling fresh.

The price to keep your home clean has many factors involved. The size of your home and the frequency of cleaning are examples. Some people live with a variety of pets, different levels of clutter, different surfaces. These are other factors that determine price for the cleanliness of your home. We clean clutter and around it. We clean special surfaces differently.

We provide residential and commercial cleaning services. These services are provided daily, weekly, bi-monthly and monthly (One time cleanings are also available).

Contract customers can opt for additional discounted monthly professional extermination services.