Question and Answer

Why does your work stand out from others who do what you do?

Our work stands out because we give effective results! We are knowledgeable about our work and the pest control industry. Most important is that we forward that information to our customers in a very understandable manner. We arm them with solutions that best fits their pest situation. We believe that a knowledgeable customer has the ability to make wise decisions.

What are the latest developments in your field? Are there any exciting things coming in the next few years or decade that will change your line of business?

There are several developments that member in the Pest Control Industry are trying to promote.

1) A wand that could electrocute bedbugs without causing damage to property or the user.
2) A similar device that can terminate termites through wood without burning the wood.
3) A electric bedbug detector with the ability to locate the insects by the carbon dioxide they emit from blood feedings. This same devise is used for locating termites due to carbon dioxide emitted after processing cellulose.
4) An "All Natural" product that kills bedbugs and other insects for over a year after application. It leaves an all natural barrier of protection.

What do you like most about your job?

We love it when we give our customers the results that we guarantee. It makes us feel great when they tell other people about our great service. These new clients inform us that DC CleanEx was recommended to them by family or friends.

Do you do any sort of continuing education to stay up on the latest developments in your field?

Pest Control Professionals are required by law to take classes that earn credits in order to maintain their license. I am licensed for NY and NJ. Each state has different class requirement for Pest Professionals to stay well informed on the more current pest control issues. In addition, I have successfully completed NYC Rodent Academy training with a very well know and successful Entomologist. Yearly classes are updated in order to be a Certified Bed Bug Specialist. Most Important is my personal research for the latest and most advance technology regarding various pests.

What questions do customers most commonly ask you? What's your answer?

They usually ask us about what we do for certain pest problems. A brief history about what we do and how we've been effective at doing it. On certain occasions we have been able to give potential customers advise based on their questions over the phone. This free advise has been ale to solve their problems easily.

What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

1) Ask questions about the pest you are trying to resolve.
2) In addition it would be wise to know information about the product(s) being used and how effective it/they are towards the pest(s) being treated?
3) Ask information as to weather the products affect humans and what is to be expected during or post application? Ex. such as odor if any, how long product last, aerosol or liquid pplication.
4) What steps if any should be taken after the Pest Control Professional has concluded the service? (Mopping, Vacuuming, amount of time out of treated area)
5) Will products affects plants or animals?

Describe the most common types of jobs you do for your clients.

The most common types of jobs we perform are bedbug and cockroach pest control. We perform these interventions very often. Successfully completing these jobs have helped us combine industry knowledge and experiences. Using this combination, we have mastered these pest control issues, especially the bedbug interventions. However, our expertise is not limited to these services. Rodents, flying insects such as mosquitoes and flies, food storage insects, termites are other pest are handle in an excellent and professional manner.